About Us

Our Mission

The mission of our organization is to promote the attraction, creation, retention, and expansion of businesses and to enhance our quality of life in Nebraska City and Otoe County.

Our Goals

Our number one priority is to provide economic development services which focus on the county’s priorities, supported by county-wide business and industry. We strive to meet these needs—by providing diverse job opportunities and increasing capital investment and growth of county-wide valuation—by focusing our efforts on industrial recruitment and retention, business development, entrepreneurship, leadership development and downtown redevelopment. We take our role as the County-wide leadership in economic development to heart. Working on identifying and promoting our county-wide opportunities most importantly by identifying, developing and marketing potential development sites throughout Otoe County.

Our Priorities

  • Assist current business and industry with retention and expansion needs.
  • Identify, develop and market potential development sites in Otoe County
  • Actively assist and recruit potential employers who create quality jobs and who are best suited to the resources of Otoe County.
  • Identify, recruit and assist entrepreneurs in the area.
  • Work with local governmental entities on future development, land use and infrastructure needs.
  • Educate the public about the importance of economic development to the future of the area.
  • Assist with the growth of a quality, skilled local workforce.
  • Work on a regional basis to promote the resources and quality of life in Southeast Nebraska.