Natural Gas

Nebraska City is one of approximately 2,000 cities across the United States that have chosen to provide Electric Service through a not-for-profit, publicly owned electric utility.  Nebraska City Utilities also provides natural gas, water, and sanitary sewer service. Nebraska City Utilities – Service Areas and Statistics

Local control of the utilities systems gives the citizens of Nebraska City an active voice in policies affecting rates, service and operation.  It also promotes commitment to community service with local people working together to meet local needs.

The goal of the Nebraska City Utilities www.nebraskacityutilities.com is to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost commensurate with that service.  This can best be accomplished by hiring and retaining the best quality employees to operate and maintain the utility system.

Nebraska City Utilities provides electric, natural gas, water and waste water service to Nebraska City and electric and natural gas service to several communities in the area. It maintains three natural gas fired power plants to serve its peaking needs as necessary and in time of grid outages.

Nebraska City Utilities also has a1.67% participation or approximately 10 MW in the OPPD Unit2 just directly south of Nebraska City.  This coal fired unit is capable of producing 670 MW and went on line May 2009.  Nebraska City Utilities also has a 4.55% participation in the Public Power Generation Agency’s Hastings NE WEC-2 Unit scheduled to be commercial in February of 2011.  For Projects outside the jurisdiction of the Nebraska City Utilities, Omaha Public Power District is the electric provider.   Nebraska City Utilities and Omaha Public Power District are collaborative partners for projects requiring large sources or redundant power.


  • Nebraska City: Water Source is wells with a System Capacity of 5.7 MGPD, Average Daily Consumption is 1.8 MGPD, and Peak Consumption is 3.8 MGPD.
  • Syracuse: Water Source is wells with a System Capacity of 1 MGPD, Average Daily Consumption is .256 MGPD and Peak Consumption is .503 MGPD.
  • Rural areas: served by Rural Water Districts.


  • The City of Nebraska City owns and operates its Nebraska City Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The average daily treatment is 1.3 MGPD and rated capacity of 2.1 MGPD.
  • The City of Syracuse owns and operates the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The average daily treatment is .194 MGPD and capacity is .330 MGPD.
  • Other Rural Communities served by lagoons.


Please inquire for specific communities’ telecommunications providers.

Spiral Communications (Broadband) is building Nebraska City’s very own fiber optic network delivering Internet speeds up to 1 Gig. This three year build out will make Nebraska City, Otoe County’s only fiber-to-the-home community with internet speeds up to 1 Gig .