Thank You Stephanie!


Thank you Stephanie Shrader for the presentation today at the Nebraska City Small Business Incubator. Primed For Growth training program focuses on understanding the different aspects on how decisions affect a business financially and is geared towards women business owners. This is a pilot training program being brought to Nebraska City by the Rural Enterprise Assistance Project and the Women’s Business Center. The next coffee is Tuesday, March 21, 2017.

NC Putting Lion’s Share Of Its Economic Development Dollars Into New Hotel

City commissioners agreed Monday to a $350,000 forgivable loan and advanced a proposal for $800,000 in tax increment financing for a Holiday Inn Express & Suites at the new Highway 2 interchange.

Finance Commissioner Gloria Glover said she prefers loans over grants because loan payments will replenish the Nebraska City Growth Fund, but hotel developer John Klimpel of Lincoln said the $8 million project is most likely to move forward with the forgivable loan as proposed.

Public Works Commissioner Paul Davis noted that Nebraska City Lodging is taking a risk by building a 70-room hotel in Nebraska City and Parks Commissioner Patrick Wehling called the hotel a tremendous economic benefit that could boost development for the whole corner.

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