Help to build business in Nebraska without spending an extra dime

Imagine if you could help your city to flourish each time you purchased a hot cup of coffee, grabbed a quick lunch on the go, or swiped a new pair of shoes to feed your running habit? Now through a key voter-approved program – titled LB-840 – the dollars you spend help to promote economic development.

If you are an average Nebraska City resident, it’s rather likely that you aren’t aware of exactly how LB-840 works. LB-840 is a program that redirects a portion of the funds collected through the city’s sales tax to create grants and loans to foster development in business, industry, and tourism. Whether you are an intrigued small business owner, or interested city resident, you may learn a bit more through this link.

Safer roads, convenient commute

Take a moment to imagine the stress you face when stuck in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic while trying to get to work on time. If you are like most other commuters, you probably despise this part of your daily routine.

Not only is overly-crowded traffic highly inconvenient, it can also be quite dangerous and contribute to additional auto accidents. Nebraska City is taking action to make its roads less crowded and, as a result, more safe with the start of two significant road projects.

The city is now taking action on plans that have been in development since the late 2000s. Included in these plans is: building an overpass from Highway 2 to Highway 75; resurfacing the South 11th Street; replacing some storm system drainage, and adding a sidewalk.

Read more about the specific details of these plans here.

Network for Success

They say that it is not what you know, but who you know, that leads to success in business. Building connections with others in your industry often creates unexpected opportunities for growth and development.

Building a business is a difficult and often intimidating venture. One of the best ways to avoid disaster is by learning from the experiences of others in your industry. Additionally, by connecting with other business owners in your area, you can build a broad network that you can contact when in need of help.

Discover how you can benefit from building your network by attending a Monthly Coffee at the Nebraska City Small Business Incubator. Monthly Coffees are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. By attending Monthly Coffees you can learn how to best plan, grow, and sustain your business.

Career success with college credit

Do you want to stand out above all others in your future career? One of the best ways to succeed is by learning and practicing skills specific to your career as early as possible.

Just think of the head-start you could get if you were able to take classes focused specifically on the skills you need for your future career while still in high school. You would learn whether a particular job is a good fit for you, while gaining experience that directly transfers over to the workforce.

The new Nebraska City High School Academy provides students with this opportunity for both experience and academic credit. Built at the site of the former Food Pride Building, the academy provides an opportunity to specialize in health, construction, welding, and information technology career tracks.

Get a head start on your career through these links:;;